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Since 1979 Lse Instrument Repair has been catering to the Long Island music scene. Our superior service, expert knowledge, and the quality attention we give to every customer have made us a premier destination for touring musicians, and aspiring students a like. Whether it’s your first violin, or your next guitar, we’ll help you. We provide a full-service repair shop on-premise to help maintain them. 
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  • Repairs by the leading professional technicians in the industry

  • Service that is affordable, timely, and unconditionally guaranteed

  • Locality that is supported by the largest full-service network in the country

  • Quality backed by LSE REPAIRS.

Latest News 
ric jazz stopping by

Ric Jaz Touring

Before Buddy Guy open for cheap trick Rick let me check out one of his guitar's. Felt like nothing I ever played. Sweet! party

Black Bear Bar· Brooklyn, NY host's brooklyn locals Theorum, with Bass Player Nino Valenti. Hottest Band of the area since the Ramones!

empowering artists with disabiities_edit
Empowering Artists With Disabilities
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