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Superior Service For All Instruments


L.S.E. repair technicians are expertly trained to fix every problem inside or outside for what you play. From guitars to basses, woodwinds, brass, strings and reeds trust the experience of our technician to get the job done right.

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Guitar Repair Price List For Labor   (PARTS NOT INCLUDED)

Based on Labor Charge $85.00 per hr

main guitar desk



  • Padding
  • Re-corking
  • Regulation & Adjustment
  • Clean & Polish



  • Dent Removal
  • Soldering
  • Chemical Clean
  • Valve Repair
  • Pulling Slides & Mouthpieces



  • Bow Rehairing
  • Bridge Replacements
  • Adjustments
  • Structural Repairs

• Guitar Setup                                                           

• Guitar Setup for lock nut & bridge                                  

• Guitar All Fret Replacement                          

• Guitar Frets Level & Polish                                            

• Replace Guitar Pick Guard                                            

• Replace Guitar Bridge                                

• Replace Guitar Bridge Spring                                        

• Replace Guitar Pickup                                                   

• Replace Guitar Pickup Ring                                           

• Routing Guitar Pickup single coil                                   

• Routing Guitar Pickup double coil                                  

• Routing Guitar Bridge                                                      

• Replace Guitar Volume/Tone Pot.                                  

• Replace Guitar Output Jack                                            

• Replace Guitar Output Jack Plate                                   

• Replace Guitar Toggle Switch                                         

• Rewire Guitar Electronics                                                

• Refit New Guitar Nut (Bone)                                             

• Repair Neck Screw Holes                                                

• Re-glue Guitar Bridge                                      

• Broken Guitar Head Stock                               

• Replace New Guitar Tuners                                             

• Replace New Guitar Strap Locks                                     

• Re-glue Guitar Bridge                                     

• Repair Guitar Cracks not Including Touch up  

• Re-glue Guitar Brace                                       

• Replace Pearl on Finger Board                        

• Refinish Guitar Body                                        

• Reset Guitar Neck                                                           

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